Empty / clear Person field via API / webhook

Hi there,

I like to clear a Person field (custom field, multiple option) via the API, anyone suggestions how this can be done?

By testing the endpoint in the API Reference (and Webhook functionality in Zapier) I found out that the email & phone fields can be cleared by posting the value 0.
For the custom field (which I tested via Webhook functionality in Zapier) I tried 0, null, ‘’, “”, etc. but all of them result in an error.

Thanks for helping!


null should work to clear a multiple option field.
Are you only trying this via Zapier or also directly through API?

Hi David,

I tried both the designated Pipedrive zap and the ‘Webhook by Zapier’ zap. The last should do basically the same as a custom build request I think? It worked perfect for updating with specific options by id.

Entering null returns an error:


Running some tests on this and it seems the null option just hasn’t been added to Zapier for mult-option Fields.
Can you reach out to them to add it? (it would need to be from their side)

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