Error while Duplicating deal using API URL


Since the 3rd of January 2019 the API Url for the deal duplication gives the error {“success”:false,“errorCode”:500} and does not create a duplicate of the deal as well. If I try via the API Reference page it does work. Could somebody please help me out with this. This issue suddenly came up after an year of smooth running.


That’s strange… :thinking: Does it give error every single time or randomly? Can you post a snippet of your code?

Hi Dani,

it always give the same error of {“success”:false,“errorCode”:500}{deal_id}/duplicate?api_token={api_key}

the above particular api call gives that error message. When this is run from the API reference page, it works fine.

Does it give error with any deal or just a specific one?

We’re looking into it. In the meantime, can you double check if you’re sending the request in POST (and not in GET)?

Hi Dani,

I managed to fix it. It’s very weird though because, even though this request does not need any post data such as which is required in update deal functions. We need to send an empty data set along with calling the duplicate function. Now all good.

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