Exchanging files between deals does not work anymore

Hi, I have created a python script that sends files from a deal to another one via API. It works fine on 2/3 of the pipedrives I own. However not one the last one.
It basically does the following :

  • download all the files attached to a deal A
  • download all the files attached to a deal B
  • compare the files to keep the lastest
  • delete all files attached to deal B
  • upload all files downloaded to deal B

For a reason i don’t understand, i have 2 pipe on wich it works but last one, it just download nothing. All API keys are checked, no authorization error is detected. I can upload files on this pipe, but i can’t download. Yesterday i worked well too on that pipe. So I guess either i miss a variable required to upload (but in that case it should not work for the 2 other pipe), either something is corrupted in this particular pipe that happened yesterday. In that case, how can I do a checkup of that ?


Hi @Pierre-Marie_Guyot,

Could you give me more details on how how it fails on the 3rd account? Are you receiving any sort of error or how exactly does it differ from the other 2 accounts?

Hi @David, this is where it is tricky : i have nothing that tells me that there is an error. If i had not observed the directory where files are downloaded or directly on the offer to check if the files were uploaded, I would not have known that this process had a problem on this particular pipedrive, since i have not error and every other script working on this pipe works well.

Edit : i check every hour if my program transmitting files will work again and around 20 hours after the first time i noticed it was not working anymore, it works again. My hypothesis is that something was corrupted and a synchronisation between your data centers might have fixed it. I have no other explaination since I change nothing on my side.

Hi @David, my problem is coming again, literally the same pipe (not the other ones) . Would it be possible to get any information on a checkup of that particular pipe ? If yes, how ?