Failed to connect to port 443: Connection timed out

Hi ,

We have integrated pipedrive with our website. But sometimes when making calls to pipedrive, it fails to connect to pipedrive giving us error “Failed to connect to port 443: Connection timed out”. This happens specially when making calls to v1/notes API with POST to add notes. We are using oAuth 2 for authentication. Once connection is successful then we don’t face any issues. Can someone tell us why it should be causing connection timeout issue?

Hi @nikhilantaapurkar
Welcome to the community :wave: and for sharing the concern. Can you share some details about this integration?

  • Do you notice the issues sporadically or does it happen with a particular type of payload?
  • You mentioned that you are using OAuth2 for authentication which sounds great but what does the following mean

If possible please do share the time range during which you noticed these issues. :slight_smile: (and the correlation IDs - if found in the response headers)

Hello Hem,

Thank you for your reply. We were able to solve this problem. But we are looking for a working example for update person for updating email. The pipedrive doc only has example with name and org_id update. Can you tell us an example of curl call to update person email.

Thank you