Filter Phonenumber any format by wildcard search


I was wondering if there is an operator I can use to fetch some persons via by phone with different format in 1 request example is like a wildcard search.

example phone number formats to fetch.



I was hoping there is an operator I can used on {phone} so any of the example format is I can get the person.

I hope that make sense.

Thank you

Unfortunately we don’t make use of wildcards with the Find feature - although it would be a good idea for the future.
I’ll try to push your idea forward and make it potentially possible.

Hi @lee_egino, we’ve implemented the search in multiple formats in our code… with/without hyphen, with/without international prefix… I agree that wildcard search would be much more inclusive.

I’m evaluating Pipedrive for our business. I’m concerned that the Pipedrive UI does not enforce a specific phone format which allows different team members to enter different formats. This is problematic because using the API to search requires a common format. Best practice would be normalize the input on the way to ensure a consistent format. Alternatively, provide an API endpoint for searching by phone number that either ignores non-numeric values or does a regex search.

@David :point_up_2: any thoughts?

Hey @lance,

Missed your question earlier. Our phone number search should avoid non-numeric numbers. Originally it was not this way, but we have been migrating over the past few months. Have you tested this on your account and this wasn’t the result?