Find a Lead on Org-id or Person-id

I am aware of ItemSearch, which should return a lead based on a good text search. But I have a specific Organisation ID and a Person ID. So why would I use something that can be confused (typo’s, similar named companies etc.), while I have the specific ID of Organizations and Persons?

Can I somehow retrieve the Lead, based on a Org-ID and or Person-id ?


No, I’m afraid our Search is not built around the use of Pipedrive defined IDs at all.

hi David,
I see.
The thing is: I have an Org-id and/or a Person-ID. I need to update or create a lead on those. Create is easy and works, but in case a lead already exists against this org/person, I would want to update that…

For now I am afraid it will involve downloading all leads and iterating over it from our end and if it matches a person and orde in order to that one and otherwise create a new one once iteration has completed. The number of leads can go to high volumes, so there will be a pagination and timing issue along with this , which sounds really inefficient. Is there no easier & better way?