Find organisation ID out of Name and Custom Field

Hi !

I want to find Organisation’s IDs out of their name one custom field with the API. But I can’t find out how to perform a, organisation search with two fields. I’ve thought about using filters, but I feel like if I do this, I’ll have thousands of new filter each week…

Do you have any idea of how I could do this ?

Thanks in advance for your attention, best !


Hey Jules,

There’s not a way to do it specifically with those 2 fields. You could search by either Name or Custom Field. Otherwise, the best bet may be to just get All Organizations and then sort by name/Field

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That’s what I thought… But get all is a good way to bypass it, many thanks David !

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@David Is this function still not available? I want to search for persons and deals using multiple search values (e.g. name and phone number). Probably this isn’t possible too, right?

Hi @Lilli,

You wouldn’t be able to search for Persons and Deals simultaneously with the same endpoint, but you could choose 1 or the other and search multiple fields (but only 1 Term at a time).

Hi @David,
thanks for your reply. Searching for one term across multiple fields doesn’t make any sense in my case. Is there a workaround you can recommend?

Unfortunately, as of now I don’t have any workaround for searching multiple Terms per Request. You can use
/itemSearch for multiple Item types, but not multiple Terms.