Finding User ID's

Where can I find the IDs of the users that I will make owners of a Lead created via API?

Hi @Anton_Shirshov,

You can get all user IDs using the GET /v1/users endpoint. You may also search for users by their name or email address and obtain their user ID from there using the GET /v1/users/find endpoint.

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How can I find user ID w/o API? Is there any place in Pipedrive where I could see ID assigned to a certain user?

Hi @Anton_Shirshov,

You can find user IDs in the Pipedrive webapp by going to the User Overview tab:

  • Use the dropdown menu at the top right to find the user you are looking for

  • Find their user ID at the end of the URL in the address bar above > for example, if the URL is https://[companyname], the user ID would be "12345678