Get all deal fields for all open deals

I want to get all deal fields for all open deals,
could someone please help me how can I get that,
I tried with v1/dealFields API but it not returning for all deal rather looks only for one deal

I don’t think you can add fields only to specific deals, so dealFields should return all the fields available for all deals in your company.
Maybe there’s something else going on :thinking:

@Mangesh_Chikane29 is it because of pagination? When you request for dealFields, there might be some additional data

"additional_data": {
  "pagination": {
   "start": 0,
   "limit": 100,
   "more_items_in_collection": false

more_items_in_collection will indicate if there are more items in the collection. If so, you’ll have to make another API call modifying the start.

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