Get contacts API missing details

Hi Team,
Good Day…!
I am facing problem on API which collects Contacts while creating deal. Please refer flow [ image ] i added.

  • Sometimes the API is missing details but not all the time. Please help me to resolve this.



Would you happen to have a set examples for this or have you noticed any particular pattern that we could look further into?

Same API working for updating the deals.

Scenario 1:

Deal updated with existing contact. We are able to collect contact ( Person & Organization ) details .

Scenario 2:

Deal created with new contact @ the same time the API missing the contact details.

When webhook fires the details to server the Contact API trying to collect the details. ( which is mapped with the deal )

If this is only happening randomly, can you message me a specific example of when this has happened?

Yes David but It is not happening all the time. But once in 60 - 70 calls. I am wondering is I should keep any delay on collecting the records…

Like 2 or 3 seconds. Please suggest.

I would say it would be a good to allow a 2 second delay.

Thanks David, Will Implement the delay and monitor the workflow.