Get count of billed seats for account

Is there a way to get the number of seats that the linked Pipedrive account is being billed for?

Hi there,

You could use the GET /users endpoint and look at the active_flag to whether or not the User is active or not.

Thanks for the reply David :slight_smile: We do use the active_flag, but my understanding is that it’s also possible to have empty seats (though I don’t know why someone would choose to do that) which don’t have a user in them. What is the difference between a User and a Seat? - Knowledge Base

So what I’m wondering is whether/how it’s possible with the API to see the billed seat count.


I see what you mean then. At this point no then as there’s no API endpoint for billing details (which this would ultimately apply to).

Good feedback for the future though

Thanks David, good to know.

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