Get Deals Timeline stopped Working

I’ve got an automation to send reminders to our team members weekly, utilizing “Get deals timeline” API call. It’s been working for months but the automated weekly reminder, set to send out last night, failed, here is the call:

Loading it via browser, I receive: {“success”:false,“errorCode”:500}
But even when I try to attempt this API call from the testing grounds ( ) it fails there as well:

  • “success”: false,
  • “error”: “Something went wrong with the request, please check your request and try again!”,
  • “error_info”: “Please check for more information about Pipedrive API.”,
  • “data”: null,
  • “additional_data”: null

Please have a look, thank you.

Hi @paulieweb

Thanks for reporting. I tested with no issues. Could you try again to see if you’re still experiencing this?

Hi @David
Yes, it’s still failing both in-browser load URL and in API reference section. Actually, last night another similar weekly reminders automation I have running on Zapier was set to trigger and it also failed (same parameters used). Sharing screenshots below…

I was discussing this also with a Pipedrive Chat support agent yesterday. During that conversation I verified that using the API key of another admin account in our company also fails in the same way.

Just now I realized it is only affecting this endpoint call when using field key set to one of my custom Date fields, works fine with built-in Date fields (like add_time). As far as I know, none of my API calls have changed and none of the fields have changed recently.

Just another data point… The field key “lost_time” also doesn’t work, even though it’s a built-in field. It’s failing in a different way though, it gives a “correct” JSON response, but responds with 0 deals matched, no matter the time period I use.

Hey Paul,

I can confirm the issue with “lost_time” not returning any results, but I’m unable to replicate an error with custom Date Fields.

I’m asking the team in charge of this endpoint to take a look.

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Update: It does seem there’s an issue on the database your account is on. Our engineers have created a bug report and will get it fixed as soon as we can.

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Hi, not to be a bother, but just curious if you have any idea of a time frame on this? I realize we only got on the same page just before the weekend. But our company does expect to have these automated reminders running weekly. If this issue may not be addressed this week, I’d probably rewrite my automation to look up matching deals with a different endpoint, hence my asking. Thank you.

Hi @David just trying to find out when this will be fixed. Will it take a day, a week, a month, a year? Any idea at all? This is affecting our business and I’m being told to push for some sort of resolution. As I stated previously, I can build a workaround for this, and would have done so if I had a response indicating it might be necessary.

Hi @paulieweb,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this. Are you searching for Lost Deals on the Timeline/Forecast View

Hi, yes, and was informed by chat support earlier that lost deals don’t show on the timelines endpoint. Thanks for checking on this.

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