Get filtered deal when is created


I am looking for api call , when the deal goes to specific filter I will get json, but I need to do this only once, only when deal is created. Is it possible? I didnt find it in API Reference.


Hey Marek,

Maybe you can give me some more details on this. You could use a Webhook for the Deal creation or GET filter results (!/Filters/get_filters_id)

What are the parameters of the filter? Maybe you could explain it a bit more?

Hey David,
The answer is not what I am looking for.

I use to work with zapier and integromat and there is the function for pipedrive: Watch object “Triggers when new object is created or updated”. You choose the filter in this function and than when the deal pass the filter it trigger, but it trigger only once. When you the deal pass the filter twice it does nothing
For example I have function, that create note when some deal enters the stage 1. Filter is only stage 1. I give deal to stage 1, it creates note and than I give it to stage 2 and I give it back to stage 1 and note does not create again. So I need to trigger only when deal is created not updated. Is it possible?

Unfortunately no, there’s no API call for this condition as it would be a bit too specific for the reference page (it would change on specific call), but could create the specific conditions Ex:
DealUpdate -> Stage 2

This way it would only create the note on the first time hitting the stage, but this would need to be custom created (no direct API call).