Getting "New" activities


I was wondering if it is possible via the api to determine which activities are new.
On the website the new activites are getting hilighted, but there is no flag in the activities.

Hey @S.Iwos
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You can look at the timestamps (add/creation date-time) to estimate the newness of an activity item. I am curious to know about the use case. Can you share more details regarding the need? Just making sure I didn’t miss anything

Hey @Hem ,
I want to show the user items he hasn’t yet seen/are new to him.
When on the Pipedrive Activity or on the UserOverview activitys which are new are highlighted.
Just like that i want to show the user the items which are new as these are most likely important for him.

Thanks for the clarification. AFAIK, there isn’t an attribute that distinguishes an activity as new or read/unread. If you are showing the data elsewhere (say in a web app / mobile app), you can build this logic.