Getting "Provided labelId does not exist" error

I have been working on Pipedrive integration. But when I try to create Lead using the provided endpoint for POST Leads on documentations[POST /v1/leads] I am getting “Provided labelId does not exist” error with status code of 400. Why is this error happening? Do I need to create LabelId before I create Leads or what?

Welcome to the community, @Elbetel_Workineh :wave:

If you wish to create a lead along with some label_ids, you should provide the correct id(s), otherwise you will get the error you have mentioned. You can use the LeadLabels API to get label id information, add custom labels etc. By default, we have three lead labels (hot, warm, and cold) available for leads, but custom ones can always be added.

Let me know if you have further questions!