Goals endpoint returning "An unknown error occurred" error

First I get the list of goals correctly. Then I pick a goal and use its id, period.start and period.end for this endpoint: https://myCompanyName.pipedrive.com/api/v1/goals/myGoalID/results?period.end=2023-12-31&api_token=myAPIToken&period.start=2022-12-01 this call results in a HTTP 500 error because of an unsuccessful goals api response which is below:

    service = "statistics-goals-api";
    statusCode = 10001;
    statusText = "An unknown error occurred";
    success = 0;

Could someone please explain in what conditions this might happen?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and for sharing the details @erdem.

  • Does it happen every time, or is it sporadic?
  • Do you notice it across particular IDs or all?

If possible can you share the response headers as well?

Hello, thanks for your response.

It happens every time and for every IDs.