Google Geocode: Trigger geocoding just via API push and avoid important fields being "null"

Hi Community,

I have two connected questions with regards to the Geo Coded Address-Field:

  1. We are heavy users of API pushed data - and hence I would really appreciate a hint how we can ensure that if we push an address to the geocoded address geo field in Pipedrive that the field is encoded without the need to manually select and click (would be quite impractical with 90000 contacts)

  2. Sometimes, even if geocoded in a manual process, there is a bug that important sub-datafields are “null”, although we entered the data explicitly in the field. E.g., if you type in the German address “Südring 14, Mühlheim” - it erases the house number “14” from the encoded fields. Is there a way to avoid these encoding errors?

Thanks a lot!

Hey @Michael_MP
Welcome to the community :wave: ! Geocoding is actually handled by Google Maps Location APIs. I am curious to know if its a one-time import or a solution that will be used?

This is one of the major feedback items I have noted across topics. If its a one-time import, it can be routed to