Have problems with some apis in my app

Hello, I try used this apis (baseUrl - https://api-proxy.pipedrive.com/):

All this apis return one error message “Error:Scope and URL mismatch”.
Please help me to understand why it happen and find solution for access to it in my app.

Thanks! And sorry for my bad English.

This error should mean that “Not allowed to access requested resource by application scope that is defined by owner.”

Does the User that is accepting the Scopes have access to the data you’re trying to return (is the User an Admin?)

All scopes are accepted by User. The User is an Admin.

Hey @demianog

I forgot to ask this before, but were you only running into this error specifically with those endpoints or all?

I ask this because those endpoints don’t fall under the Scopes.
You can see all the endpoints that do here:

A problem solved, thank you.