HELP - Sourcing Leads From Third Party Website

Hey community,
This is my first time here, and I am the opposite of computer savvy so I am seeking some assistance.

I wanted to find out if it’s possible to link an external website, (Not my companies website) to my Pipedrive for lead Generation.
The website is

I manually filter through this website searching for Construction Projects and contacts for these projects, and the hope is that I can automate this process by having useful information and contacts be turned into leads on my pipedrive to reduce the time spent searching for suitable contacts.

I repeat again, this is not a website that we have control over, we simply have a subscription to their services.
Please speak in Layman as I am horrible with programming, and computers in general.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Javery,

If I understand you correctly, you want to be able to browse this website and then automatically grab leads from it where you see them? I’m not quite sure what you mean exactly by linking the website to your PD account or is that what you’re referring to, having leads auto-generated to your account from there?

Hi David,

Thank you for the response.
So no the idea is to make it so I do not have to go onto to website really at all.

I’m looking for a way to link the website to my PD with set parameters of the type of leads I want filtered into my PD, and then those leads being automatically added into my PD as they are added to the website.

Does this make things clearer at all?.

This does help, thanks for the further info.

So what you want to do is possible, but you would need someone to setup this up for you which could be a bit difficult. I would recommend either using a Lead Generation app or try posting in the Hire a Developer section to have someone build this for you.

Hi Javery,

What you want is probably possible. I know BCI well and their website is highly structured but there are some considerations. I’m in Melbourne, if you want to call me on 0458 072 364 we can talk it through.