Help with API

I am new to APIs as well as Pipedrive, so forgive me in advance if I butcher any terminology.

I’m interested in knowing how to create an API on Pipedrive CRM for the following: an end-user is supposed to fill in a form on Pipedrive containing various details, which a third-party can then utilise to track the data that is filled in via the API/app. I’ve been told something like this is possible, but I’m not quite sure where to start.

Is something like this easy to build, and could anyone give a rough estimate as to how long it may take?

Hi @Jamil

Something like this is certainly possibly, but I’m not sure if you’re referring to a webform that fills entries in PD and then a 3rd party tracks the information that has been inserted into Pipedrive or you want the webform filled out and data sent to both PD and also to the 3rd party.

Have you already looked into webform options like Typeform or are you set on building this yourself?

@David I think the goal would be the former, as we have a webform already setup - so the webform would get the entries and then it would create a record in PD, to which the third-party can then track that info.

I haven’t - is Typeform integratable with PD? If there’s an easier way to do this via another app of sorts, that may be better

Yes, Typeform integrates with Pipedrive, in fact we use it a lot internally here. You can find it and some others we offer here:

Thanks @David. I have another question… Say a user filled in the Typeform and the info was then generated into Pipedrive, is it then possible for a third party to access that information as well? And if so, how?

Certainly. A third-party can access the information via your API token (or OAuth if they have it built). It really depends on what the third party is and what sort of development is in implementation.