How can I check if an acitivity has been deleted?

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Given activity id, how can I check if this activity has been deleted?
Is activity_flag attribute for this purpose? False = deleted?
So the update_time contains the date when this activity was deleted?


You’re spot-on for both of those points.

active_flag": false = deleted and update_time would reflect the time/date deleted (since no other updates could be made to it afterwards).

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Thanks David!

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I have an additional question to this Topic. Is it possible to get only activities by activity_flag=‘false’ with the api? Didn’t find any solution for that.


That’s a bit tough as we don’t have any parameters for searching specifically for deleted activities.

One thing you can do (but it’s not helpful for past activities) is to setup a Webhook for when Activities are deleted.

Ok, than we look how we can fix it.

thanks a lot.

I am implementing deleted activity webhook in my application and I was surprised to find that the webhook payload does not return the most important thing - The activity id is missing from the payload!! I mean what’s even the point of this webhook if we don’t even get the bare minimum? I am expecting at least a workaround solution for this. I really need to implement this in my application.

Hi Anand, I replied to your other post about the same thing :slight_smile: Deleted Activity Webhook Payload Issue

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