How do I know what access an user has?

Hello, in which endpoint I can get the information about user access rights?

Using this endpoint Pipedrive API v1 Reference I can’t know if a user has rights to DEALS or only “Account settings”.
In my org I have only two users:

In the API both are returning as ** “role_id” = 1**.

Any ideas of how I can get this information?


Welcome to the community, @Rafa :wave:!

As of now, it is not possible to retrieve info about Account Settings and access to Deals via our API. These settings can be viewed in our web app under Company settings → Manage users. You can also refer to our Knowledge Base to find more about user types and Account Settings.

We are working on including this into our API. We suggest subscribing to our Changelog to be notified about API updates and other changes :slight_smile: