How since_timestamp is work for the user API?

For API: with items=user. I am getting user data but my timestamp isn’t working properly.

I had given since_timestamp = 16th April still I am getting a user who is created on 14th April.
I also see the same kind of discrepancy for the modified date as well so not sure what is the timestamp for this API or am I missing something.

Hi Dhruvin,

For this endpoint, you will receive updates/modification results regarding Users so it looks at more than just when the User was created, but also any Admin changes done to the User or any personal changes the User has made as well.

Hi David,
Yes, we are receiving modified but it showing inconsistent behavior.
Here is an example of it:

In the above Image, for since_timestamp= 2021-05-04 09:29:24 and we are getting 2 users. As modified for the first user is 2021-05-10 13:05:16 and the second user is 2021-05-06 09:30:22

Now if I take since_timestamp=2021-05-05 09:29:24 then both users must return as both have higher modified dates but only one is returning.

Hi @Dhruvin_Shah

Thanks for your message, I passed your question to the corresponding team, so they could have a look at this request. We let you know once we have some news.

Hi @Dhruvin_Shah

There was an issue with GET /recents and items=users combination. The fix is already live. Could you check if it works for you now?