How to add a button similar to the smart contact search to trigger a webhook

Is there a way to add a button such as the smart contact data update button in our app?

Reason being I want to know when a URL is added to the deal/contact or organization and act upon that info.

webhooks can be triggered when a new deal is added and I can get the URL field at that point if it exists but if the URL field doesn’t exist and is added afterwards I wanted to add a button which you can press to trigger a webhook and our system will read and then post updated data to some other custom fields.

Thanks in advance.

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We’ve solved this two different ways – first we created a Chrome extension that adds a button to any deal in a specific stage. That button simply sends a POST to our API with the deal ID. The second way was to use the Zapier Push Button trigger, which lets you execute a zap by pushing a button in their extension. We prefer option #1 since we can a) edit the DOM on the page and b) restrict when the button is shown.

Thats a nice way to deal with it. What is your chrome extension name? can you share a link?

I have the pandadocs chrome extension which is nice and works well. thats probably the best choice in our case also.