How to add persons to an organization?

I’m having trouble finding how to add persons to an organization in the API docs. How can I do this? Lets say I have person who’s ID is 321 and they need to get added to an organization who’s id is 777

How can I add person 321 to organization 777. Is it possible to add multiple persons at once?

Also, is it possible to just add the person to the organization when creating the organization?

Hi @rob as you can see here:!/Persons/post_persons you can link the Org to the Person when creating the person by adding org_id.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @diego.mendez, that answers part of the question. But how do I add more persons to the organization after that?

Hey @rob you can link people to orgs by updating their org_id using:!/Persons/put_persons_id