How to get a list of specific fields via OAuth API?

Hi all!

Earlier we have used API calls with getting list of specific fields, like,title)?status=all_not_deleted&start=0&api_token=xxx But we don’t know how to do the same with OAuth API. When we try to use the same parameters (,title)) there is an error - {“success”:false,“error”:“Scope and URL mismatch”}, but our developer account has all scopes on.

Does anybody know, how to get a list of specific fields via OAuth API?

Has this specifically been with getting field info or are you getting this error message on other calls as well?

When i call GET ‘’ i got a data, when i call GET ‘, title)’ i got an error (with the same authorization header)

So… it’s not possible to use this format right now (to get only id & title). You can still get this info from Deal call (but with excess data). - I’m currently working with our developers to see if there’s a workaround we can offer you for this.

Thank you, looking forward to any workarounds! Because without this ability we can’t use OAuth API

Hey @Slemma!

Just to give you an update, the Field Selector should now work fine when using OAuth API.

Let me know if there’s still an issue.