How to get number of deals that (passed) through a stage?

Hello dear dev community. I need a key or a method at which I can get the number of distinct deals which passed through a stage (either entered or moved out). The goal is to assess how many deals reached into that particular stage over a period of time. I’ve only seen an api key which tells you how many deals are currently in a certain stage.

Also if there’s a way to have the details of those deals that’ll be much better.
Finally I’d like to thank you for your amazing software and service. Cheers!

Hi, Suhaib_Mohe.
Try “Get details of a deal” endpoint. [!/Deals/get_deals_id]

There is a sub topic named “order of stages”, if the deal reach some specific stage, it will be filled with the stage id.

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Hi Moizes,
Can you please help me with the exact API call syntax?
I tried some and get an error.
I think I am confused with #! syntax.
Lets say my deal id is 31. So what should be my call?
I try!/Deals/31
I do get results with:
But is it the call you meant? So why use “#!”?
Please help