How to Un-delete an Activity - Bug in Pipedrive Calling functionality

Is it possible to “un-delete” an Activity?

The reason I need this is a little bizarre. I have an automated followup sequence that creates follow up reminders for sales reps. When that lead is connected with, the remaining pre-scheduled followups are removed through automation. However, Pipedrive must pull the Activity list when a phone call is initated because when the phone call ends, an activity that was deleted during the phone call is showing up in the selection list of activities to apply that phone call to. When selected the “Activity Updated” webhook executes, showing the Active flag to be false (i.e. deleted). But now the phone call is gone from the activity history - so I’d like to be able to catch that event and then set that Activity Flag back to “Active”.


Thanks for sharing the scenario. I’ll have it converted to feedback so that the concerned team will look into it