I'm not able to use the PermissionSets endpoint

I’m trying to get data from this endpoint
But I keep getting this error:

I’ve already enable all this scopes for

And I’m using this request:

import requests
url = "https://api.pipedrive.com/v1/permissionSets"
headers = {
  'Authorization': 'Bearer XXXX'
response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers, data=payload)

Hey @Rafa
Thanks for sharing the details along with the screenshot. Unfortunately, there are very few endpoints that will accept only API keys. This one is part of those endpoints. Can you try with an API key? This disparity has been forwarded to the concerned team.

Hey @Hem , I am still getting this error, If I try with the API key I get a page as response which keeps loading infinitely. The docs dont mention that an API key would be required this endpoint…