Introducing new Leads API endpoints

Effective from July 23, 2020

We have now added the brand new Leads resource to the Pipedrive API.

In the sales world, Leads are potential Deals that are stored separately from Deals in the Leads Inbox inside Pipedrive.

Leads resource allows to get, create, update and delete Leads, Lead Labels and get Lead Sources

Find more detailed information about the new endpoints here!

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Is there a trigger for a new lead?

For Webhooks? Not yet.

That would be very cool for our Zapier integration

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The people at Zapier are usually pretty quick to add triggers so I’m sure it will be added in the not too distant future.

It’s also not a bad idea to reach out to them and explain the need. Might add some urgency to being completed.

Is there any way to create Activities related to a Lead using the API yet or is this in the plans?

Hi @fujikawa,
sadly it currently isn’t possible to add an Activity to a Lead but we’ll consider adding it in the future.


This would be a blocker for us to fully integrate leads, since people do wish to associate calls etc with them.

Hi James,
I’ll pass your feedback to our development team. Hopefully we’ll get the ball rolling for this capability sooner rather than later.

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Hi @Elina - what about an API for converting a lead to a deal?

Hey @dzisner - we are aware of the need for this endpoint and it’s in the backlog but sadly I can’t give you an ETA.

Thanks @Elina, will appreciate being updated once it’s available :slight_smile:

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How much time will it take to support with OAuth scope and permission. Also for adding activities, is there a way we can add activity for leads?

Hello All,

Does the PATCH /leads/{id} endpoint actually work? I’m trying to update an identified Lead via such a call using a very basic python3 script but so far am having absolutely no luck whatsoever…

More specifically, I want to archive a lead through an API call.

I’m getting the following error : {“success”:false,“data”:null,“additional_data”:null,“error”:“provided dataset is not valid”,“error_info”:“child “is_archived” fails because [“is_archived” must be a boolean]”}

Thanks a bunch


Hi @daniele, we troubleshot this via email already but for others who encounter a similar situation, send “is_archived”: true for a successful request