Is there a list of merge fields for the Default Calling method?

I am looking to find a list of the merge fields like [number] that are accessible via the phone handler call link customization.

Hey Sean,
I’ve read the question a few different times and unfortunately I can’t really tell what you’re asking. Perhaps you could add a few more details to what exactly you’re trying to achieve? What the problem you’re currently facing is?

in PD there is an option to customize the phone number link. As well there is the option to embed data into the link like [number][pd_user_id]. Are there any other items that we can use in the link? I am looking to embed the contact ID into the link so that our system knows ‘who’s’ phone number is being called. If we have 7 contacts in an org, all listing their phone number as the main office line, it would be great to know ‘who’s’ phone number is being called using the link click. Our system does outbound call tracking, the link on the PD page is connected to a contact (in most cases), if it is, is there a way to get the contact id embedded in the custom phone link?

Looking over our code tests, I was able to find:

User.settings.set('callto_link_syntax', 'callto:[number]/deal-id-[deal_id]/person-id-[person_id](org-id-[org_id])');

From this you should be able to achieve what you’re going for, but I haven’t had a chance to do direct tests with this yet.

fantastic. This is what I was looking for. Thanks!

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