Is there any way to get the current deal id using apis

I am making an app which have have a panel in deal view, The data I want to show depends on the the Organisation to which this deal is associated . So Is there anyway to get the current deal id

Hi Khawar,

Do you mean that you want to show data about the Open Deals connected to an Organization in the Panel?

No David, I want to get the organization id which is associated with the current deal.

How are you defining what is a “current deal”? I’m not sure I’m understanding you there.

Current deal means the deal I have on my screen.

In this case, if you just want to know the ID of the deal you have open on your screen, you can look at the URL, the end number is the Deal’s ID

Is there any way to get it using API ?

May be use an extension in browser which send the link to your app?

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