Is there possible send data to specific custom field through LeadBooster?

When i work with custom forms, i send to pipedrive a new deal with the google client id generated in my page as a custom field called CID. With this, i can get the data through webhooks in each updates.

With LeadBooster i dont know how i can do this. Is there possible to send data through leadbooster directly to deal?


1 - Send CID to pipedrive deal thorugh leadbooster
2 - when the deal is updated, get the data through webhook
3 - Send updates (New stages, won or lost deals) with CID to G.A

I need help only in the step 1. i already have the other steps works.

Hi @Eduardo_Freitas, unfortunately the limitations of LeadBooster don’t make this possible. At this time you can’t send data through Leadbooster directly to a deal, but I’ll send your feedback to our team.