Issue In Update Person

We are getting some issue while updating the person. Below we are
providing you the details. So please check it and let us know what we
need to correct:

Method: PUT
Data: {
‘name’ : ‘Alis Ahmads’
‘email’ : ‘’
‘phone’ : ‘123’
Response: We are getting the blank resonse, neither success nor error.

We have also some issue while creating products, we are getting the
below error:
[error] => Prices must be given as array of objects.

Data that we are sending:
[name] => HTC Touch HD
[code] => 28
[tax] => 0
[prices] => [{“price”:100, “currency”:“USD”}]

Hi @opencartcity have you tried to do this request using our reference page?!/Deals/get_deals_id. Should help you troubleshoot, also make sure you are sending use valid JSON.

Hey @opencartcity
I would also suggest deleting your api token from the above post and generating a new one.
Can never be too safe :wink:

I just put your request into!/Persons/put_persons_id

and got this as the request

“name”: “Alis Ahmads”,
“email”: "",
“phone”: “123”

There are some subtle differences, but I think thse are imortant.

  1. Double quotes not single quotes
  2. “,” at the end of first two field updates

I find using this page to test any request vital, and always the first go to when something doesn’t work as expected.

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The solution didn’t worked for us. Please provide some other solution.

Hey @opencartcity could you please share exactly what url you are sending to and the JSON payload please. Also, what error do you get from us?