Issue with pipeline_id

Hi, we are trying to push our deals into separate pipelines depending on what the enquiry is for
However when we submit these via the new Deal endpoint all of the new deals are being put into our original pipeline

Are you including a pipeline_id field in your API call? Its not documented (last time I looked) but it works. I am currently using it.

Hi @simonbc,

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Which Deal endpoint are you using to add new deals? Is it the POST/v1/deals endpoint?

If so, you can add the pipeline_id to send the deals to your different pipelines, as @dombarnes mentioned.

The body parameters section of this endpoint says, “By default, the deal will be added to the first stage of the specified pipeline.” If you’d like to be more specific and add your deal to a particular stage, then you’d want to provide just the stage_id. The pipeline will be assigned automatically based on the stage_id.

I hope this helps? Please let us know if you have further questions.

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