Labels missing for new Deal Stage

Hello, we are capturing the “Person Update” webhook. we’ve added a new value to a drop down selection field, and now the webhook label field for the new value is always missing a value for that particular selection choice. The ID is present, but lable that corresponds to that value is always blank. Anyone know if there is some fix for this?

Is this a custom field you’ve added? A single/multiple choice field?

It is not a new field. It is an existing field that is a Single Select choice field. But we added a new value to the list of options within that field. And when that field has that new value, the label is not coming through the webhook. All the other possible values for that field do come through the webhook.

Could you reach out to our support then? If it’s only 1 specific ID value that isn’t appearing in the Webhook, I believe it would need to be a specific bug on your account (and they will need to look at your account directly).

Hi @hvy_weight

I assume you are using Integromat as in this topic Capture User ID for user who made the change.

If so, I think the issue is in not in Pipedrive Webhook, but in a way the Integromat fetches custom filed info.

I added a custom field with Single Select choice type for a Person, configured Integromat to receive updates, and once I updated a person data I got this info in Integromat as expected. But, after I added a new value, Integromat does not show the value’s label once webhook is triggered (basically the issue you’re referring to). If I re-configure Integromat for the same webhook, and update a person with newly added value, it will appear there as expected. Here is a video

It seems that Integromat fetches custom fields info upon configuration only. I would suggest to double-check it with their support.

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@mykhailo wow, you are awesome! Thank you so much for tracking that down! This issue has plagued me for a year - with no explanation from either Pipedrive or Integromat, until you tracked it down! Thank you!


Great find @mykhailo! I didn’t even think about it being an issue with initial configuration.

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