LeadBooster custom parameter / id


So, it seems I am a heavy user of the Lead Booster feature hitting 650.000 prints since release. Its great.
Now with the release of more capture options that allows me to capture full validated address along with custom fields I can finally deploy Lead Booster to basically all my lead capture scenarios… except for one thing.

One of the most important things I keep track on inside Pipedrive is the Google Ads Click parameters. Most of our leads come from Google Ads Click and 90% of our marketing budget goes to Google Ads. I need to be able to know, for each lead, which Ad Group generated the click along with which Keyword and all this sweet data that Google sends to me when the user lands on our landing page.
Currently I use a tailored landing page tool which keeps track of all this and syncs it to Pipedrive when the user submits the “contact us” form.

Enter LeadBooster.

If I deploy LeadBooster to my landing pages replacing the old fashioned form I will lose this link between the so called “google ads valuetrack data” and pipedrive… unless there is a way to “tag” the playbook trigger letting Pipedrive knows that if that user converts on LeadBooster it should hold the id {HASH}, that would allow me to fetch/sync the data to pipedrive.

Is there any way to do this? If there is not, how can I submit this as a suggestion?

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Thanks for taking the time to capture the relevant details. I have moved this to #feedback for broader attention.