Limitação de retorno

Olá caros amigos. Estou a consumir a api do pipedrive porem estou tendo problemas em questão de retorno como por exemplo na API estas a dizer que temos limite em no maximo 500 registro.

Queria saber como invertemos esse problema, por que precisava da api sem limite de retorno!

desde já agradeço.

Welcome to the community @alex_Oliveira :wave:

Most of our GET endpoints use pagination (have a max limit of 500 entities returned per response) to make sure that responses with a big amount of data are easier to handle and that the API runs smoothly and effectively.

You can read more about how our pagination works in Developer Docs here. If you need to get all the records of that endpoint, you could use a recursive method to consume the different paginated entities.

May I ask what is the endpoint you are using? What is the use case / goal behind querying large amounts of data? Maybe I can make further suggestions to help your use case :slight_smile: