List of Persons filtered by collection of Ids

we’re building an integration for the Pipedrive API and we need a method to list a particular list of Persons, filtered by a collection of Ids, is this possible? If so, which endpoint do we need to use or how can we achieve this?

Hi Roberto,

There is Filter endpoints you could use, but these aren’t filtered by ID.
Perhaps you could explain your situation in more detail?

Hi David, thanks for your response. The case is we have an app in which we need to enrich the metadata of a subset of Pipedrive Persons, we know we could do it one by one, but seems too overkill, and since all we have is the Ids of those persons, we were wondering if Pipedrive API has a way to do so in a single request.

Hi Roberto.
What you’re saying makes total sense, but there’s no way to do it at the moment.

We’re working on a better way to handle those kinds of requests, but for now you’ll have to update the Persons individually :man_factory_worker: