Logout endpoint

Is there an endpoint to logout in the new authentication method?

Hey Matheus,

No, we don’t offer any logout endpoint.

Is there a way to do this? I’ve tried to use the endpoint “/revoke” but the authentication session still valid and redirects to the endpoint “/oauth/authorize”, not to “/auth/login”.

Maybe I’m not fully understanding the question.
Could you explain exactly what you are trying to achieve?

Hum… For example, an user logged in my system with one account, and after some actions he wants to logout and login with anoter account.
I am trying to allow to user connect any account when he needs.

Can you understand what i need?

Sorry for the delay, was out this week.

I see what you mean now, but no we don’t have an option for you to (or the user) to logout/in from your end within your application, but it’s a nice idea for the future which I’ll note.