Looking for 'Phone' attribute from 'Organization' API


I was trying with Get details of an organization endpoint.

In the Pipedrive organizations UI, I have added value to ‘phone’ but while I’m getting data from the endpoint it comes with some random value in key (However in value I have same phone number). Like this, "b6f7f385b375677fc1bfcf344464ad959026a40a": "0711111111",

Any solution for this?


Hello @madumal.jeewantha

b6f7f385b375677fc1bfcf344464ad959026a40a is sign that a Phone field is a custom field added by a Pipedrive user in your company or via API by some integration.

You can call GET /organizationFields and find this key b6f7f385b375677fc1bfcf344464ad959026a40a in response. The name of the field will be same as in UI.

Hi @mykhailo

Thank you for your response.

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