Marketing-Tools for Marketplace-Apps existing?

just a short nontechnical question:

is there any way insides pipedrives marketplace to promote an app?

greets, thomas

Hey Thomas,

Not sure if I fully understand the question. Could elaborate a bit more into the type of promotion you’re thinking of?

i was thinking about sth like “adwords for marketplace”.
i do know - sth like that does not exist.

so, my question in general asks for ways to promote an app inside the PD ecosystem.
how to get featured in one of your newsletters?
any other ways to promote an app inside of PD?

thats the way it was meant. maybe its more like a brainstorming question :wink:

best, thomas

Hi @maystorm,
the first thing you can do to gain visibility is to get good reviews, so you can show on top of the Top Rated category.

We also have an upcoming plan for marketing opportunities based on the quality and performance of the app. You’ll hear more about it soon :slight_smile:

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thanks @dani!
looking forward to it.

To add to what @dani said, we also create monthly App Spotlights in our blog (for example) and these articles are added to our monthly newsletter sent out to our user group.

The majority of the apps featured in these articles are apps that have been added to our Marketplace within the past month or 2.

In addition to that, you can also get exposure by writing a blogpost for our Developer Blog (gains interest in additional tech circles), by posting your app here in the Marketplace category of the Community, and just by working a little to find the types of groups who may be looking for your solution.

In addition, like Dani said, once you start showing traction in the Marketplace, this opens up additional opportunities for marketing directly from Pipedrive.