Migration custom fields between sadbox and prod

As a new customer of PipeDrive, I have question about sandbox and prod environments coordination. At the moment, our company has only sandbox. So, I can not see how production looks like.
When new custom field is created in sandbox, we can see new guid-based keys generated like the following:

What if we need that field in production? Can that key be delivered to prod with the same key? Or we need to recreate production custom fields with independent keys?
The problem is we want to avoid overheads with remapping custom fields logic when we provision integration API changes between environments.

Hi @ab1

Unfortunately you would need to recreate custom fields with independent keys in Production. We don’t currently offer a way to transfer these from Sandbox to Production accounts.

That is bad sign for us.

Is there any chance that this is going to change?

There’s currently no immediate timeframe that it will change.

The plan is to have more intuitive and user-friendly Sandboxes in the future that should ideally be more closely linked to another account where this wouldn’t be an issue, but it’s TBD

I really need this feature too!