Missing boolean type

Note: This is one of multiple posts about issues I’ve discovered while working depth with the Pipedrive API. A description of the use case and collection of all issues can be found at https://gist.github.com/clemens/ef43d53cc6a7e8f34357dc04f0639092.

I’m missing a distinct boolean field type – both for custom fields as well as Pipedrive’s own fields (e.g. done and busy_flag in the activities resource). I think true/false concepts are sufficiently common to deserve their own data type.

I find this strange, too. It makes integrations challenging. It seems to be a conscious design decision - could you clue us into your intent?

No special intent – I’m just missing this very basic concept so I don’t have to build wrappers myself (i.e. in my case something that converts a “true” string into a proper Boolean in Ruby).