Multiple redirect_uri on one application

We have an application that is in use and working fine.

We have a new server that has a different sub-domain than the one we use on our front facing public instance.

On google, etc you can add multiple redirect_uri as long as they are all on the same main domain.

Is this possible?
its called Callback URL (required) in the application page.

Does this Callback URL (required) field support a comma seperated list of URLs, or a wildcard for the sub domain, etc?

Hi Tom,
at the moment we don’t allow multiple redirect uris.

If it helps handling your users’ flows on the different domains, you could add some information in the state parameter, but that depends on your specific scenario.

Ok thanks. We will get the callback at our main server, we have a plan that seems to work. Note that a comma separated list of callback URIs works on other platforms if you are looking for a way to get them in without major ui changes.