Need Customized Reports

I have found I need to run multiple filters and reports to get the data that I need to get a good handle on my business. It is quite a chore. I am looking for something that interacts with pipedrive and stores the data needed in a google sheet or similar that I could generate a report from.

I would also like to set up a notification if certain metrics are not hit so that I can intervene in real time vs in our weekly meeting.

In order to automatically push data from Pipedrive into Google Sheets when certain events occur (e.g. a new Deal created, an existing Deal is updated) you can use a tool like Zapier.

Hi Stephan,

You don’t necessarily need to use google sheets for this. With the help of Piepdrive APIs you can do wonders. The reports can come directly to your email as an attached csv, inbody html… anything you want.