Need help to setup email API import with php


I am new here and searching for some clearance on how to import the email value to piepdrive via API.

I create a person and a deal and update the deal in php but however the email value is never been imported. Some fields work and some are not working and I dont know why. Can somebody help and tell me the logic behind the email value? I tried to import via deal and via person but it has never been imported.

Best Regards

Hey, @digi and welcome to the community! :wave:

When adding a person with the POST /persons endpoint, the email value can be specified as a string or an array of email objects related to the person, such as: [{ "value": "", "primary": "true", "label": "main" }]. (In that case please note that only value is required.)

I would like to request for additional information in a private message here to troubleshoot this further:

  • Could you share a full request example with us?
  • What’s the email address associated with your Pipedrive account?