New parameter in PUT /mailbox/mailThreads/{id} endpoint

Effective from March 1, 2021

We have added the new parameter lead_id to the PUT /mailbox/mailThreads/{id} endpoint. This parameter allows an email to be associated together with an existing lead.

Possible values for the parameter are the Lead’s unique ID which references the lead, e.g. dc775b7e-db49-444c-8a53-7ee785af1091 or null.

See other new changes in our Changelog !


When should we wait for lead_id in notes and activities?

Hi @Taras_Sachavskyi, the availability for lead_id in Notes and Activities endpoints is in the works and should be released soon in the coming weeks.

A little update: Our internal teams looked into it, and unfortunately, due to additional back-end complexity, lead_id in Activities is still in plans but has no ETA for the release. I’ve passed on your request for this, so hopefully, it can be prioritized sooner rather than later.