Node API with Angular and typescript

I’m trying to use the API in a MEAN stack App, but I’m getting errors when importing the API.
It throws
“Error: Cannot find module ‘/node_modules/pipedrive/lib/blueprint’ at makeMissingError”
I fixed the path but than i get error in inflection.js
readFileSync is not a function.
So i think it might be a problem with typescript and js, anyone had this before?
Any help would be much appreciated, Thank you!

Hey @dcharua, do you have any examples of the code you’re using?

Also, if you’re using our nodejs client in FE, then it wouldn’t be possible to do this unfortunately.

Hey David, Thank you for the answer
I’m using Meteor with Angular+Node.
Do you know if this is incompatible as well?

If you’re using Meteor on the server side, then it should work.