NodeJS Package end-points /find for /search


I have a backend in NodeJS that is using an official NPM library in version 9 and in the process of migrating to version 10. However, I noticed that from March 31, 2021 the end-points /find will be discontinued and replaced by /search as shown in the image above. Version 10 of the official package is using end-points /find instead of / search and also has no alternative methods within controllers to replace calls to the new end-point.

I also noticed that there is an open PR in the Github repository for version 11 (Version 11 of client-nodejs by RuTsEST · Pull Request #166 · pipedrive/client-nodejs · GitHub), but it also still uses the end-points in the /find version.

So what makes me think, will the official NPM package be updated with the new end-points /search ?

Hello @gabriel-roque,
Our developers are working on adding the new search endpoints to the library and the goal is to have the new version with updated endpoints available before the removal date.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Hey @gabriel-roque, the Node.js library is now updated with Version “10.5.0” to cover the new search endpoints.

Very good, thanks @Elina for the feedback. I will update my project with a new version.